The 2019 Poetry Contest on April 16 drew a wide range of poets, from novices to veterans on all grade levels. Several poems were conceived in the April 8 Poetry Writing Workshop sponsored by the district gifted program and led by Ken Cormier, professor of English & Creative Writing at Quinnipiac University.

Judges Bella Tedesco and Paul Kjornrattanawanich assisted English teachers Mrs. Ceglarski and Mr. Boissonneault in selecting the winners. First prize was awarded to senior Sebastian Kania for his multi-layered metaphor “Sisyphean.” Three poems receiving honors recognition were “Can I Tell You a Secret” by senior Marissa Pecorelli; “Moonrise” by junior Zaheer Turtem; and “Dear Heaven” by sophomore Madison Laprise. Noteworthy poems were performed by seniors Sebastian Garay and Katelyn Gingery; sophomores Jennifer Fomenko and Alaina Gouin; and freshmen Angel Jimenez, Charlie Pittman, and Jasmine Weeks.

The Writing Initiative continues to stage events that encourage and advance creative and substantive expression by BCHS writers.


First Prize: Sebastian Kania for his poem, “Sisyphean.”


Honors Recognition: “Can I Tell You a Secret” by Marissa Pecorelli, Class of 2019.


Honors Recognition: “Moonrise” by BCHS junior Zaheer Turtem.


Honors Recognition: “Dear Heaven” by sophomore Madison Laprise.